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Quality and Regulations

Garawa preschool operates under the National Quality Framework which aims to raise quality, drive continuous improvement and provide better educational and developmental outcomes for children.

The important aspects of the National Quality Framework and its implementation are:

 the Education and Care Services National Law

 the Education and Care Services National Regulations

  the National Quality Standard (NQS)

An assessment and quality rating process (link your schools rating here that is displaying in the office above Dave’s photo)

The Early Childhood Education Directorate who is responsible for the approval, monitoring and quality assessment of Garawa Preschool

A national body – Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) which guides the implementation of the National Quality Framework and works with regulatory authorities

Garawa preschool has a quality improvement plan to evaluate current practices through self-assessment, identifying strengths and then goals for quality improvement. The quality improvement plan outlines strategies for achieving the preschool’s goals and supports all staff to focus on improvements that will lead to better outcomes for children and families.