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Garawa Preschool Philosophy

Garawa Preschool's Statement of Philosophy

Garawa Preschool's Statement of Philosophy

We believe all children are unique individuals.

All children have the right to an education that provides equal opportunities to succeed regardless of their gender, background or abilities.

We value and share the culture of all who enter our preschool.

Educators embed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives in our program and practices and collaborate with a local Aboriginal mentor program and Elder to ensure for authentic learning experiences.

We value the importance of developing trusting, nurturing and loving relationships with the children and their families. Through forming these strong relationships, the Educators at Garawa get to know the children on a personal level allowing the children feel safe and secure. We acknowledge working in partnership with children, families and the community is vital and allows all stakeholders to be active and involved in each child’s learning. At Garawa, we value high expectations through being a safe, respectful and engaged community.

We acknowledge the importance of implementing a holistic approach to individual children’s learning. Educators act as co-discoverers who encourage the child’s inquisitiveness. We provide an inclusive environment where children’s self-expression is respected. The children are provided with opportunities to develop a strong sense of wellbeing, connection and BELONGING which empowers them to develop to their highest potential.

We believe all children are capable and competent. Educators trust children with responsibilities to increase their determination and confidence to question, theorise, share ideas and voice their opinions. We value the importance of providing children with opportunities to make informed choices and decisions. Educators acknowledge the importance of viewing children as an agentic child who is an engaged co-constructor and facilitator in their own learning. At Garawa we also value the use of effective routines and transitions as a context for learning lifelong goals of safe and responsible behaviour. We cherish children’s happiness and embed fun play-based learning.

“Floorbooks ensure that the child’s voice is at the heart of all learning experiences”

– Claire Warden

Educators believe the natural environment is full of valuable learning opportunities and allows children to BE in the moment. We acknowledge that when children are immersed in the natural environment it engages all their senses and fulfils their instinctive drive to explore, create and investigate and take part in sustainable practices.. Educators believe connecting children with the natural learning environment satisfies their urge to be curious and inquisitive.

We provide children with the tools to flourish and develop the skills to BECOME strong, confident and successful individuals.

The Early Years Learning Framework and National Quality Framework guide our program and practices. Children develop a sense of belonging, being and becoming as they engage in long periods of uninterrupted play-based learning.