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Garawa Preschool's Daily Sequence


Garawa Preschool's Daily Sequence


Garawa Preschool opens at 9:00am. Please arrive between 9:00am and 9:30am. When you arrive you must sign your child in on the sign-on sheet in the foyer. Include the time you arrive, a contact number and anything else important in the comments section (e.g. letting us know if your child is getting a lunch order or if someone else will be picking your child up from preschool today).


Please arrive between 2:30pm and 3:00pm to pick your child up from preschool. Garawa Preschool is not licensed to have children on site after 3:00pm. When you arrive please sign your child out and check the comments section to see if one of the educators needs to speak to you. Check your child’s locker for notes, newsletters and artwork and take these home with you. The afternoons are a busy time, with many people coming in and out of the preschool with children. Please make sure you say goodbye to a staff member before leaving so that we can keep track of the children still in our care.

Other Important Information

LABEL, LABEL, LABEL all of your child’s belongings. Having your child’s name clearly written on all of their belongings assists staff in identifying possessions and lessens lost property. Children are not to bring their toys from home. Toys brought from home may get lost, stolen or broken and often cause conflict between the children. We have plenty of engaging learning experiences for the children at Garawa Preschool.

What to Bring to Preschool

Suitable and Unsuitable Clothes for Preschool

Healthy Lunch Box

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