The Entrance Public School

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TEPS P & C Meetings

Meetings are held in week 3 and week 8 of every school term. The remaining meetings for 2023 are:

Term 3, Week 8 - Tuesday 5 September at 7pm in the School Library. *POSTPONED*

New date - Tuesday 12 September at 7pm in the School Library

Term 4, Week 3 - Tuesday 24 October at 9:30am in the School Hall.

Term 4, Week 9 - Tuesday 5 December at 7pm in the School Library.

New members are very welcome.

P&C meetings are a great way to learn about the running of the school and new initiatives being rolled out. The school Principal is an integral part of our meetings and provides information and guidance to us. The P&C owns and manages the school canteen and a second-hand clothing pool, vital services for our school and we run fundraising activities to contribute to facilities and activities for our school community.

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