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Tuning in to Teens

21 Oct 2019

Information on Tuning in to Teens program

FREE 6-week Parenting Program at The Entrance Neighbourhood Centre. For parents/carers with children 10 yrs and over.

Tuning In To Teens, or TINT as it is referred to, is conducted over six weeks.

The program is designed to support parents to help and teach their teenage children to control, understand and express their emotions in healthy and positive ways.

TINT helps parents to recognise, understand and respond to their teen’s emotions, which in turn helps their teens manage their own emotions. Tuning In To Teens offers a range of approaches and strategies grounded in the idea of emotional intelligence.

The program aims to teach parents about how they, as parents, can help their teenage children develop good emotional skills.

For example:

• Awareness of what emotions their teen is experiencing.

• To view their teens emotions as opportunity to connect with them and guide them.

• Helping their teen identify and describe what they are feeling.

• Learn to listen to their teen’s problems without judgement.

• Strengthen their and their teens skills problem solving and learning to cope with boundaries and limitations.

For more information or to register your interest please call

Natasha Harman 0498 624 476 OR Kim Denmeade on 0417 407 997